How we managed to help a small business ran by one person to increase their sales by 940%

Our client was small business located in Helsinki, the client and the business will remain anonymous according to the client's wishes. Selling their beauty products with the old ways of social media management was draining their funds and time until we stepped in.


We started working with them on august of 2020. So far we have managed to boost sales by 940%.


  1. Finding the right target audience without sacrificing the branding goal.

  2. Advertising with a modest budget but still hitting outstanding sales.

Solutions and how you can apply the same approach we took

Everything was done in house: from filming, editing, strategy to publishing.

We took a hard look inside the business to see if they are ready for growth and the potential of scaling up.


1. Planning

Strategy was the first step we needed to do to increase sales. This is where a good plan is essential. The best planning is to start with a detailed sales growth forecast, include the number of new customers, orders and revenue you want to generate. Make a sheet that breaks the numbers down by week or month. The more specific you are, the more realistic your sales acquisition plan can be.

Afterwards, make a budget forecast, remember adding IT expenses, advertising budget, shipping fees, inventory and all other fees and platforms to handle all those new sales orders. Analyze every variable and write down how it might be impacted.

This way you will always have a solution if you have already anticipated an increase in expenses of where and how.

It is impossible to anticipate and think of everything. However, with some effort and research you will be able to come up with proper cost estimates. The better the planning and cataloguing every step, the higher the chances are for you to make it happen in real life.


2. Testing

Don't go full speed with your first ads. Normally when your ads manager is new, it needs some training. Normally a week of training your tracking tools to read your conversions properly is enough for it to start targeting the right audience. Sometimes other factors may hinder your Facebook, for example, read more about iOS 14.5 update impact on your advertising.

During the testing period, catalogue everything and try to get feedback from anyone you have contact with, this will be very helpful in the official launching of your campaign.

The most important information you need to keep you eye on is customer engagement with your brand and ads. If they don't like your ads, then they don't like your brand, simple as that.

Three major factors that could make customers ignore your ads:

  1. Not readable

  2. Doesn't make sense visually and they don't understand what you are selling

  3. Too clunky and aggressive

Avoid mimicking the big brands, stick to simple and straight forward ad copies and images. Tell exactly what you are selling, why, how and the benefits the customers get when purchasing from you and not your competitors.


3. Launching your campaign

When it comes to the word "campaign", many people get it wrong. It is not only about ads, a campaign is a period of time that allows your business to make an impact. This impact can go both ways, positive and negative. For example: if you promise delivery in 2 days, but you failed to do so for the first 200 orders, your campaign is going down hill and an immediate stoppage will be the best solution. That's why planning is very important as mentioned above.

A campaign includes ads, branding, management, upkeep of your online store and most importantly, customer experience. The ads are only the channel to reach the customers, dealing with them is the campaign.

Three things to be aware of when launching s campaign of any size:

  1. Make sure that your competitors don't copy from you

  2. Customer experience is the key to a successful campaign

  3. Your ads must follow copyright policies and be owned by either you, freelancer or the agency that made the ads and running the campaign


Advertising is volatile section of any business. The only way to tame the wild variables of ads is to have proper planning and knowledge of what you are doing. Sometimes some things are better left for professionals. If you are not sure about what to do, contact us and we will guide you. We have free plans and advice for business owners:

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