4 Reasons why you need an Advertising Agency to grow your business

There is always this weird conception in small business owners mind that advertising agencies only work with large corporations like Nordea, Nokia, Ford, Unilever and so on.

However most ad agencies make their sales with the SMEs by running creative ad campaigns and placing advertisement in social media and/or printed media.

Advertising agencies prefer SMEs because most of these ad agencies owners are artists and creators. Working with large corporations would hinder their creativity and productivity.

So here are the 4 main reasons you will need an Ad Agency to keep you business making money or start making money:

1. Expertise

Many businesses buy services from advertising agencies for their expertise and knowledge. Small businesses, can not afford an in-house marketing department, hence outsourcing these services from an ad agency is a must.

Ad Agencies usually have the digital and physical assets , meaning media buyers, artists, film makers, video editors, graphic designer, illustrators, the rights software and hardware, and of course they will have a team of experts who can provide advertising know-how that SMEs can NOT afford to hire for themselves.

2. Saving Time

Buying advertising and graphic design services from an advertising agency can save a business valuable time.

Hiring an advertising agency means that you and your team do not need to spend all your time making the right ad copy, having meetings about the strategy and developing your ad campaign.

This is crucial if you do not have the right team with the right skills who can dedicate all their time to advertising work.

Buying services from an agency will free you and your team to focus on the core of the business and do what what you and your team been trained for. Also if you are not into advertising, it is better to keep doing what you love and not put yourself into something you don't feel connected to.

Running a business already takes 12 hours a day. Locating time to creative work, social media management and ad campaigns would simply be IMPOSSIBLE, especially if you don't have the experience and the know-how.

3. Saving Money

Although it may seem as though hiring an advertising agency will be expensive, you need to do your calculations one more time.

So here we go:

Hiring a social media manager would cost you at least 2000 euros a month, a graphic designer 2400 euros a month, a copywriter 3200 euros a month, a social media marketer, 4000 euros a month, and this is not all of it, this team will need, software, hardware and licensed materials they can use, so you can easily blow 13 000 euros a month just for one ad. Without forgetting about paying this team's corporate taxes and health insurance and all the other fees. So we are looking at 20 000 euros per month expense.

Most agencies already have the right gear, software and team which allow them to lower the price and only charge per hour. For example at Advertizen the hourly pricing is 50 euros, where the team can product a video, social media post and one web-page. If we compare the same amount of work with the former example of hiring your own team, you will only pay 5% of that expense to Advertizen.

4. Brand Development

Advertising is a business by itself. You can not run your own business and think you would run the advertising at the same time and scale both of them with the same motivation. You either need an in-house team or an ad agency.

But why you may ask?

Branding is the answer. Advertising agencies can help this process by developing for example a better logo, social media posts and ad campaigns that will develop your brand awareness.

They also have access to software and websites that you didn't even know exist, meaning they will provide you with research that will allow you to target the most effective market.

Ad Agencies are also amazing in graphic design so that you can get the most effective and appealing advertising in platform and marker

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