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Overview & Elaboration Of Our Services

As an ALL-IN-ONE creative agency.

In order to deliver quality work on budget and on time we specialize in up-to-date tasks and applications that every modern business, corporation or NGO needs.

Web Design

When we talk about web design, there are a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to the term. For creative agencies, web design means an accessible website or an app. It's important to remember that it is not only about the functioning of a website regarding the source code, but also the look and feel of your pages. The user experience is the most important thing here.


Web design requires 5 major steps:

  • Goal identification

  • Plan and mockups

  • Content creation

  • Design concept and revisions

  • Launch and testing

There are more to web design than this, of course, but we will do the hard part and the back-end tasks while you focus on the business side of things.

Artwork & Illustrations

Online Stores

This asset is unfortunately ignored by most businesses. Your design assets, from your website header to your business card, should be top notch. By leaving this step as the last hurdle to jump, you are already depleted financially and mentally. Meanwhile the problem was right in front of you all along. Customers are visual. Even if you have the greatest product/service in the world, if its not presented properly no one will pay attention.

You convey your brand as follows:

  • Identity - A logo is like the welcome mat at your door, your brand will be judged immediately just by looking at the logo

  • Typography - Every font has a different meaning and feel. Your customers can immediately feel connected to your product just by looking at your typeface

  • Color - This is the most powerful asset your could have, but choosing the wrong color that doesn't match your industry can cost you a lot if not everything

  • Balance - Your design should be consistent anywhere your customers find you: website, brochure, business card, an advertisement or even in your office layout.

An online store is one of the easiest tasks to set up, yet one of the most daunting projects to manage, optimize and make to work properly. There are many CMSs (CONENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS) out there, the  most known are Wordpress - Woo Commerce, Wix, Shopify, Magneto, OpenCart and Squarespace among many other platforms.

For their favor, they make it easy to setup an account and give you a theme to start with.

However, shortly after you will encounter endless obstacles:

  • Payment methods installation

  • Domain verification

  • Payouts

  • Customer notification

  • Shipping integration

  • Subscription management

  • Cart page optimization

  • ... there are around 38 must-do steps and actions just in the backend of the store in order to have a fully functioning Online Store


Keep in mind that every CMS has its pros and cons, but in general they all have the same business model and applications. The visual builder, integrations, and coding being the only difference.

Since the team at Advertizen Oy has been building online stores since 2010, we have the experience and the data needed to make any online store work perfectly.

Marketing & Promoting

The science behind successful marketing campaigns and promoting goods and services is endless. People go school for that and still don't master the right approach to promote certain products. What polishes those skills is experience. Like Bill Gates stated '' your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning''.


AND OH YES we did learn a LOT! After years of enhancing what we learned in theory and upgrading our portfolio, we have mastered the tools and the strategies that have proven to work again and again.

We provide the full suite for marketing and promoting:

  • Choosing the best communication channels that fit your brand, industry and products/services

  • Laying a clear path for your objectives (short term and long term)

  • Planning your promotional mix and allocating resources to various channels of advertising

  • Develop the promotional message

  • Budget optimization

  • Performance reports, audit and analysis


Writing is a very subjective and sensitive topic. For example is it copywriting or copy writing?

Choosing the right words in the right sequence for the right audience can make a huge difference. How can someone be called a good or an efficient writer?

The simple answer is writing as much content and as many ad copies as they can! That is the only way to learn besides having a grounded knowledge in advertising.

A good content or an ad copy can be summarized in 3 main points:

  1. Purpose - What you are offering should have an impact and have an emotional connection with your target audience

  2. Features - what more does your product/service offer than your competitors

  3. Benefits - Customers should feel like winners when purchasing your product/services

Now, there are cases where your product/service is less worthy, expensive, redundant or just too new to compete with the big corporations. This is where we step in. Using the right words and targeting the right audience that would like your product is our bread and butter.

Graphic Design

This service is often requested when stock footage fails to show what your brand is really about. Our in-house artist is an open concept illustrator, meaning that our art follows your business needs and not our own artistic taste.

Illustrations can be used in:

  • Packaging

  • Animations

  • Banner ads

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Characters and avatars

  • Commercials

  • Products and services showcasing

  • Videos, documentaries and films

Media Development

Financial Integrations

Tracking Tools Integrations

Public Relations

Social & Display Ads

Offline Ads

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Growth Hacking

This is definitely one of our strongest skills. We have edited approximately more than 12 000 videos in our time. From ads to e-learning videos, Youtube-videos and commercials. The secret for good editing is knowing when to cut, finding the right rhythm and audio design. The video's visual part falls into the same category as graphic design and visual communication. Delivering visual content to customers is a very strong step towards brand awareness and establishing a connection between your business and prospects.

Financial integrations can be a follow-up to the online store mentioned above, or a more sophisticated payment gateway. For example, tier payments depending on the customer needs and giving access according to the amount paid, can be difficult to program. The goal is to automate your invoices, instead of spending days filling information and sending invoices to customers, having a payment gateway would definitely be a relief and will save you time and money.

The known tracking tools such as Google Analytics, which is free to use, is a great way to analyze your target audience. However, it is not enough to just use one tracking tool. In order to validate any data you need more than one provider to give you insight. We have encountered many tools for tracking that validate the data and give fidelity to your overall campaigns and reports. Our job as advertisers is to analyze this data, deduct the behavior of the users and create ads, which will be designed/redesigned according to those results.

There are certain protocols, terminology and legalities when it comes to advertising. For example having a proper commercial and copyright safe is a must, you don't want to be sued because you used the wrong music. On the other hand, time is of essence for managing your business. By leaving the sales and prospecting task to us, you will have an autonomic company at your service. We will always be operating with the same values as your company.

We believe that creative ads are the future for any business. Mobile conversions are doubling every year. If you are not up to date with this, your business will be left out of the loop. History repeats itself just like way back when TV overtook radio ads. The social brand awareness and conversions require some technicalities and modern knowledge in order to have any success, especially knowing that a lot of tech is changing fast. Furthermore, the policies always change fast, running your business and having to worry about your social presence will be like running two business at the same time.

In contrast to what was mentioned in Social and Display Ads, some variants of print media are still essential.

For example:

  • Customer loyalty brochure sent with your order,

  • A well design proposal for your B2B sales,

  • An eye catching magazine

  • A tram or bus media banner

The choices are limitless with print media.

Emails are the keystone for communication in any business. They can, however, be expensive and hard to manage. One small mistake and the domain can be blacklisted and all emails will bounce back or go straight to the receiver's spam folder. Our partnership with Wix and EditorX gives us access to professional business tools where all verifications are stored properly resulting in fast and efficient delivery.

Our email marketing service includes:

  • Email design

  • Copywriting

  • Testing

  • Reports and analysis

  • Hosting

More customized solutions are also available upon request

Social media posting could seem to be the easiest side of business to start, but it is actually the most consuming one. Even though social media is used by almost the whole planet, the social media platforms providing their services for ''free'' are still businesses and they are going after profit. Understanding their policies and having internal contact with their managers makes a big difference rather than just being an average daily user.

Our social media services responsibilities includes:

  • Creating posts

  • Post management

  • Customer service

  • Copywriting 

  • Audience analysis

  • Focus groups, testing and polls

You can sum up all that was mentioned above and call it growth hacking. It does change from industry to industry and also from target audience to another, yet the strategies and theories are similar. Whatever your business is, traction, profit and more customers are your main goal. It is a non-stop project and becomes more complicated the more your scale up.

In addition to your efforts in the business side, as your creative ad agency our responsibilities are:

Market research



Product/service development and improvement


Advertizen Oy - Grapchi desig and digital advertising professioals.

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